Film Semi : Women Of Fear Factor (2005)

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English Review
When reality TV turned into a sensation, it became inevitable that Playboy would pursue magazine pictorials connected to the genre. Actually, they’ve knocked out a few spreads based on those shows, and we’ve also gotten one earlier DVD sensibly called Girls of Reality TV. This was a general program, however, that included women from a mix of different shows like The Real World and Road Rules. They go for a more specific emphasis with The Women of Fear Factor.

Factor presents seven contestants as they pose and chat about themselves. The show includes Meghan Allen from Erie, PA, Colleen Brewster from Las Vegas, Meg Daleske from LA, Amanda Dominick from Tampa, Kelly Hopper from Gatesville, TX, Tina Bishop from Dallas, and Monica Gonzales from Bradford, TX. The program shows them at their photo shoots as well as during other more casual moments. Usually those include semi-“extreme” activities like the models riding ATVs. They talk about posing, appearing on Fear Factor, and other interests.

In addition to the women, we hear comments from some Fear Factor personnel: senior producer Perry Barndt, director J. Rupert Thompson, associate producer Laurie Zink, cameraman Jon Walton, and executive producer Matt Kunitz. Among Playboy staff, we get remarks from set designer John Cranham, senior photographer Arny Freytag, and assistant set builder Chris Albracht. The show also tosses out statements from various friends and family.
Writer:Steve Silas (writer)
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